I have always been into Art and as a child I always had a pencil in my hand, I even ended up teaching it!
Both my Grandmother and Mother sewed, not necessarily for pleasure but out of need, as it was in those post war days. I always remember being shown a baby-christening gown my grandmother had made when she was at school, she left at 12. Being amazed at the workmanship in the tucks and gathers of the fine lawn cotton I wondered if I would ever have the skill and patience to make something like that.
At primary school I was encouraged to sew and by the time I went to secondary school had already made a cross stitched belt, an embroidered bag in which to keep my sewing and a pieced apron. All using stitches I never remember the names of. I continued to make my own clothes through my student days and beyond but stopped as work and children took my time.
I have been a member of Ribble Creative Stitchers for many years and have enjoyed the many and varied textile workshops I have attended with my ancient sewing machine. I have been described as a sponge, soaking up as many different techniques and skills as I can and rarely finishing anything, but thoroughly enjoying it all. If I were to favour any particular way of working it would be drawing with machine stitching over appliqué on fabric I have coloured myself.