Linda B

My first memory of wanting to make things with material was arriving home from school, when I was 4 years old and seeing a crib by the fire holding my doll. I was totally amazed, it was beautiful – shiny blue and silver material with lace edging. Money was scarce and items like this were rare. My mum said that she had made it that afternoon out of scraps and a fruit crate! I was impressed!

After that I made things myself, dolls clothes etc. and my mother helped me use the treadle sewing machine – even the modern machines of today can’t match the control I had with that old treadle.

I progressed onto clothes for myself and while at College I remember buying  material on the market in the morning – no money again – and hand sewing a dress to wear in the evening, mind you they were short in those days.

Now, semi-retired, I do not make clothes for myself anymore but really enjoy creating patchwork quilts with Anne-Marie Read from Patchwork Perfect.