Susan F

After a very enjoyable four years at art college I left with qualifications as a Chartered Graphic Designer. A busy career followed in the print industry producing artwork for packaging and printed literature for high street retailers whilst enjoying a hectic time with a young family.
As my family grew I found a little more time to re-discover art, experimenting with different media. I was shown wet felt making as a technique for producing art and was hooked! I enjoy experimenting with lots of textile and mixed media techniques although I really do enjoy the ‘feel’ of stitching into paper, either painted or collaged.
I have a long standing love of photography and rather than just use this as a source of reference I aim to incorporate photographs into my work. I also like to paint in ink and prefer to visualise images from the natural world.
I get a lot out of being a member of Ribble Creative Stitchers and enjoy picking up new skills during workshops and from other members.